Our ensembles

There are a large number of ensembles and choirs at our university in which our students can gain important practical experience. Most of these ensembles are directly involved in individual degree courses or institutes, including, for example, the following:

  • Münchner Schulmusik Orchester (MSO)
  • Schulmusik Chor München
  • Teachers’ Finest Bigband
  • Teachers’ Finest Singers
  • Kleiner Kirchenmusikerchor
  • Großer Kirchenmusikerchor
  • Bigband des Jazz Instituts
  • Barockorchester
  • Hochschulchor

In addition, there are large, higher-level ensembles that are open to students from various fields of study:

  • Hochschulsymphonieorchester (HSO München)
  • Madrigalchor
  • ensemble oktopus
  • VOLTA Ensemble
  • Salsaband

These larger ensembles are presented in more detail in this section.