The University of Music and Theatre Munich awards the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) in the subjects of Musicology and Music Education on the basis of an independently written academic thesis (dissertation) and a successful oral examination (rigorosum). The dissertation demonstrates the ability to conduct independent and advanced scientific work and the oral examination demonstrates an appropriate level of knowledge in the doctoral subject as a whole.

All information on admission requirements, application and the doctoral regulations can be found on the page for the respective doctoral programme.

Doctorate in Musicology

Doctorate in Music Education

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  • Doctoral Committee

    Prof. Dr. Claus Bockmaier

    Prof. Dr. Christine Dettmann

    Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger (Chair)

    Prof. Dr. Dorothe Hofmann

    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kaiser

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck

    Prof. Dr. Diemut Köhler-Massinger

    Prof. Dr. mult. Wolfgang Mastnak

    Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell

    Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann

    Prof. Dr. Andrea Sangiorgio

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Schäfer-Lembeck

    Prof. Dr. Sonja Stibi

  • Session dates

    The next session date is 25 October 2022.