Leave of absence

Students can take leave of absence for important reasons for up to two semesters in total, or for up to four semesters in particularly justified exceptional cases. To do so, you must submit an application to the Department of Studies by certain deadlines.

For leaves of absence due to parental leave, depending on the application of the student, a leave of absence can be granted for a period up to the completion of the third year of the child’s life (Attention: In the case of this reason for leave of absence, the entrance examination must be taken again in the case of an interruption of studies of more than 24 months, in the degree course Dance of more than 12 months).

  • What are the reasons for a leave of absence?

    Reasons for a leave of absence can be, for example:

    Study abroad
    Parental leave
    Maternity leave

  • How do I apply for a leave of absence?

    Applications for leave of absence must be submitted in writing to Dr. Tanja Johannsen, stating the reasons.

    Please hand in the complete application in person to the relevant secretariat (Elvira Schäfer, Office A 240, Arcisstraße 12) or send it as an e-mail attachment to elvira.schaefer@hmtm.de.

    The deadlines for submitting applications are:
    – for the winter semester: by 1 September
    – for the summer semester: by 15 January
    Subsequent leaves of absence are not possible.

    The application for leave of absence must be accompanied by proof of good cause (e.g. medical certificate, internship or temporary employment contract, confirmation of temporary admission from a foreign university).

    Download: Application for leave of absence (in German)

  • What happens if I am ill for a long time during a semester?

    If you fall ill and can foresee that you will not be able to attend classes for a longer period of time, please contact Elvira Schäfer (elvira.schaefer@hmtm.de) as soon as possible.

    In these cases, leave of absence may exceptionally be granted at a later date than the regular deadline. Please have your doctor issue a certificate as soon as possible, stating the nature of the illness and the period of inability to study.

    Please note that a retroactive leave of absence after the end of a semester is not possible even if the illness is proven.

  • What else do I have to consider?

    During a leave of absence…

    – you must still re-register and transfer the semester contribution on time.
    – you cannot practise in the rooms of the university.
    – you will not be able to complete any course work or examinations. Exceptions: During a leave of absence due to maternity leave, parental leave or care of close relatives, study and examination achievements may be completed. Repeat examinations must be taken on the next generally scheduled examination date, even if this falls during the period of leave.

    Otherwise, the rights and obligations of the students remain unaffected during a leave of absence, with the exception of the obligation to study properly.

Please submit application to

Elvira Schäfer


Contact Head of Examinations Office

Dr. Tanja Johannsen