Music psychology and musician’s medicine

Research on music psychology and musician medicine is anchored at the Institute for Music Education (Chair of Instrumental and Vocal Music Education, Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell), the Institute for Arts Management and Media (Digital Communication, Prof. Dr. Nicolas Ruth) and the Chair of Music Education (Prof. Dr. mult. Wolfgang Mastnak). In the Instrumental and Vocal Music Education, approaches from cognitive neuroscience, sports psychology and music psychology are linked to investigate musical learning and memory processes as well as anxiety behaviour during concerts and in probationary situations. Topics of international projects included deliberate practice, error analysis of experts in stressful situations, and internal and external focus of attention. At Digital Communication, phenomena such as media use, music effects and technology acceptance are researched from the perspective of music and media psychology. Wolfgang Mastnak’s research areas include intercultural music education, clinical music therapy and ethno-music therapy with a focus on psychiatry, perinatal medicine, genetic disorders and geriatrics; as well as neuropsychology, sports medicine, long-term cardiological rehabilitation, health education and public health in the school system.