Research Commission

In addition to the Research Forum, our university has established a Research Commission, which acts as a focussed group and makes decisions in the university’s research area. The commission is made up of the Vice President for Research, the Dean of Research, the elected spokespersons of the Research Forum and a further member from the Forum who represents an institute not represented by the other members. This constellation ensures comprehensive representation of various disciplines and interests within the university. The term of office of the members of the Research Commission is two academic years, currently until 30 September 2025.

The primary task of the Research Commission is to manage and distribute the resources of the Research Fund. It acts as a representative of the members of the Research Forum and thus makes a decisive contribution to shaping the research landscape at HMTM.

The current members of the commission are: Prof. Dr Sonja Stibi, Prof. Dr Friedrich Geiger, Prof. Dr Nicolas Ruth, Prof. Dr Christine Dettmann and Prof. Till Bovermann. They are contact persons and representatives of interests in the field of research and implement projects on behalf of the Research Forum.

Please direct any enquiries to the Research Commission to the Dean of Research, Prof Dr Friedrich Geiger.

Dean of Research

Friedrich Geiger

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger