Family-friendly university

It is very important to us to support all university members in the balancing act between family and studies or career. For this reason, the University of Music and Theatre is actively working to establish and constantly improve family-friendly study and working conditions in order to maintain the compatibility of family and studies or career. In addition to its academic excellence, the University of Music and Theatre as a family-friendly university aims to further expand its attractiveness both as a place to study and as a workplace for all members of the university.

  • Working group family-friendly university

    The university’s working group »Family-friendly university«, founded in 2012, is committed to family-friendly structures within university operations. The aim is to make it easier for students and staff to balance everyday university life with starting a family or taking on family-related responsibilities. In addition, parents with childcare needs shall be supported in being able to make use of a practicable care option for their children.

    Goals achieved so far:

    • Family-oriented management culture: Establish an active working group »Family-friendly University«
      • cooperation with the BOS-Kindergruppe (day care, quota places subject to availability)
      • holiday care programme
      • determination of times and criteria for a home office arrangement
      • babysitter allowance (further information at: study and working conditions
    • Infrastructure: Providing a »Kidsbox« at the Arcisstraße 12 location and changing tables at the Arcisstraße 12 and Luisenstraße 37a locations.

    Other goals of the University of Music and Theatre:

    • demand-oriented creation of quota places
    • creating the conditions for a university-owned day care centre for children
    • creation of further family-friendly study conditions
    • advancing family-friendly infrastructure at all university locations


  • CHARTA »Family in Higher Education«

    Based on the impulses of the working group »Family-friendly University«, the CHARTA »Family in the University« (in German) was signed by the University of Music and Theatre Munich on 15 June 2015.

    What is the CHARTA »Family in Higher Education«?
    The Charter is a self-commitment document that sets standards for balancing family responsibilities with studies, work and teaching. The charter has already been signed by numerous colleges and universities throughout Germany. By signing the charter, the University of Music and Theatre became a member of a university network that is in constant exchange and receives and can provide topic-specific impulses through the participation of its members in various working groups. The Robert-Bosch-Stiftung (Robert Bosch Foundation) and the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) launched the CHARTA in 2007. Which family-friendly standards are relevant for higher education institutions (CHARTA »Family in Higher Education«)?

    • Family-oriented management culture: The management creates framework conditions and instruments that enable compatibility.
    • Family-friendly study conditions: The scope for students with family responsibilities to organise their studies and examinations should be exploited to the full so that they can complete their studies quickly and avoid dropping out.
    • Family-friendly working conditions: For teaching and administrative staff, family-oriented working conditions are being developed that support re-entry after family leave as well as compatibility.
    • Health promotion: The undersigned higher education institutions work towards relieving the physical and psychological strain caused by the accumulation of family and professional or study-related tasks through effective family-oriented and health-promoting measures.
    • Infrastructure: The undersigned universities are committed to the creation of adequate and family-oriented infrastructures

    The CHARTA as a voluntary commitment
    By signing the Charter, the University of Music and Theatre makes the following voluntary commitments:

    • Participation of the university management and the operational level in the annual conferences
    • Participation of the operational level in the club working meetings
    • Active member in at least one working group
    • Publication of own goals and implementation status on the CHARTA website
  • Studying with a child

    You can find further information here:

  • Working with child

    Maternity leave
    Before childbirth, work during the period of leave (6 weeks) is only permitted at the express request of the employee. After childbirth (8 weeks), employment is prohibited. For employees covered by collective tariff agreements, the terms of the Mutterschutzgesetz (Maternity Leave Act) apply. For civil servants, the terms of the Bayerischen Mutterschutzverordnung (Bavarian Maternity Leave Ordinance) apply. As soon as the pregnancy is known, the University / supervisor must be informed and a copy of the maternity passport must be submitted to the Human Resources Department.

    The Guide to Maternity Leave (in German) from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth provides a broad overview of all topics related to maternity leave.

    Parental allowance and parental leave
    After the maternity leave period, the child is entitled to parental leave until the age of 3. This can be used by both parents at the same time without restriction.
    For employees covered by collective tariff agreements, the terms of the Bundeselterngeldgesetz (Federal Parental Allowance Act) and Elternzeitgesetz (Parental Leace Act) shall apply. For civil servants, the terms of the Civil Servants’ Leave Ordinance apply.
    Employees must request parental leave in writing from the University of Music and Theatre at least seven weeks before it begins and at the same time declare the periods for which parental leave is to be taken within two years (§16 BEEG).
    Application for parental leave for civil servants (in German)
    Application for parental leave for collective tariff employees (in German)

    The following brochures provide important information

    Parental allowance and parental leave (in German)

    Parental leave for employees and civil servants of the Free State of Bavaria (in German)


    Information on family allowance (in German)

    Leaflet Child Care Benefit (in German)

    Money and family in Munich (in German)

    Family Guide Munich (in German)

    Child Benefit Application (in German) Landesamt für Finanzen Bayern (Bavarian State Office of Finance)

    Application for parental allowance (in German) Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales (ZBFS, Bavarian Centre for Family and Social Affairs)

    Parental allowance calculator Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

  • Childcare

    Cooperation with the BOS-Kindergruppe
    Members of the University of Music and Theatre have the opportunity to apply for a place at the day care centre BOS-Kindergruppe (located directly at Königsplatz). If you are interested in a day care centre for 1 to 3 year olds, please contact Prof. Dr. Christine Dettmann ( or Doris Döbereiner (

    Childcare places in the »Reitmorzwerge«
    for employees of the Free State of Bavaria working in inner-city authorities
    Parents’ Information Reitmorzwerge 2022 (in German)
    Registration day care centre year 2022/23 (in German)
    Parent fees day care centre Reitmorzwerge (in German)

    Holiday care programme
    Members of the University of Music and Theatre have the opportunity to register their children for the holiday childcare programme at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). As part of the cooperation between the two universities, the University of Music and Theatre organises a one-week artistic workshop programme at the beginning of the summer holidays. The children will be offered a varied programme from the different areas of music, dance and theatre. In return for this offer, the children of members of the University of Music and Theatre can take part in all existing TUM holiday care programmes in the Easter, Whitsun, summer and autumn holidays at the usual conditions for cooperation partners.

    Send your contact information to to receive future information and registration forms for this childcare programme.