The Senate of the University of Music and Theatre Munich is composed of the following members:

Voting members:

  • President (Chair): Prof. Lydia Grün
  • Deputy Chairperson: Prof. Christine Schornsheim
  • Chancellor (Representative): Dr. Tanja Johannsen
  • Professors: Prof. Alexandra Scott, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger, Prof. Christine Schornsheim, Prof. Roland Glassl, Prof. Adrian Oetiker, Prof. Georg Arzberger, Prof. Martin Steidler, Prof. Andreas Schmidt
  • Artistic/scientific staff and lecturers: Yumiko Yamamoto
  • Non-artistic staff members: Thomas Neufeld
  • Representatives for Equality for Women in the Arts and Sciences: Prof. Dorte Lena Eilers
  • Students: Johannes Lamprecht, Julia Pfänder

Advisory members:

  • Vice Presidents: Prof. Sonja Stibi, Prof. Klaus Mohr, Prof. Markus Bellheim
  • Deans of Studies: Prof. Mi-kyung Lee, Prof. Dr. Andrea Sangiorgio