Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of the University of Music and Theatre Munich

In the summer semester of 2021, a working group led by Prof. Christine Schornsheim developed a Code of Conduct for our university. This formulates rules for respectful and fair cooperation between all university members.

Guiding principle
We understand our Code of Conduct as a self-commitment of all university members to actively contribute to effective, constructive and safe working and studying conditions in order to guarantee a beneficial cooperation based on shared values.

We are committed to a welcoming and protected environment that is free from the devaluation and exclusion of people. We also do not tolerate defamatory disparagement of artistic expression. University members have a special responsibility to ensure equality of opportunity, integrity and diversity.
It is a self-evident principle for us to protect against abuse of power, sexual harassment and violence. We are supported in this by internal and external complaint and counselling centres.
We strongly oppose any discrimination through racial attribution, on the basis of ethnic or cultural origin, religion or belief, disability, age, gender or sexual identity and orientation.

Communication and handling
We are committed to treating each other with respect. Our verbal and non-verbal communication is appreciative and non-violent. Especially in conflict situations, we act constructively and solution-oriented.
In our university community, we pay attention to a professional closeness-distance relationship and treat each other honestly, tolerantly and reliably.

Development and protection of the personality
We promote independent learning and practice through a motivating, safe and supportive classroom culture. The aim is to support the individual development and personal and professional advancement of all university members. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the right of free expression and respect for personal rights, data protection and privacy. We all play an active role in ensuring that these fundamental values become part of everyday university life.

Teaching culture and future orientation
As members of an artistic university, we are constantly working to ensure a high-quality and excellent education. Imparting specialist knowledge, promoting individuality, creativity and special talent as well as openness to experimental and novel ideas are at the heart of our studies and research.
As a training institution, the University of Music and Theatre has a role model function: we promote innovative thinking, international and intercultural cooperation, sustainability and the integration of different teaching areas in order to enable the best possible working and studying conditions in the future.

Participation and involvement
All members of the university are involved in the implementation of these goals, both in their personal working environment and in the committees of the university’s self-government. Decision-making and development processes are designed to be participatory and communicated transparently.

Motivation and conclusion
We live and actively defend the goal of a supportive and responsible coexistence based on shared values. In this way we ensure and use the opportunities and possibilities of a lively cultural life in a diverse society.

The Code of Conduct of the University of Music and Theatre as PDF download (in German)