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Jazz as a musical and individual form of artistic expression always involves a learning and continuation of tradition as well as searching for new possibilities of expression, crossing boundaries and bringing together different musical influences. In this sense, our Jazz Institute trains students to become artistic personalities as well as professional musicians and teachers with future perspectives.

The teaching and learning principle at the centre of the training is to lead students towards taking on responsibility in a professionally oriented degree course that meets the instrumental requirements and expects cross-border work without fear of artistic encounters.

International workshops with contemporary jazz greats as well as intensive exchange with international partner universities, cooperation in partly interdisciplinary projects as well as numerous performance opportunities also outside the university complete the Jazz Institute’s offer.

For more detailed information, please visit the Jazz Institute’s website at https://jazz.hmtm.de/en/.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck, Prof. Claus Reichstaller, Prof. Florian Trübsbach

Institute Director:

Prof. Claus Reichstaller

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Prof. Claus Reichstaller


Internationalisation at the Jazz Institute

Martin Zenker

Prof. h.c. Martin Zenker