Contemporary Music, Composition and Conducting

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At our Institute for Contemporary Music, Composition and Conducting, students receive an individualised education tailored to their personal needs. The focus here is on the composers and conductors of tomorrow.

In the degree courses Composition, Composition for Film and Media and SoundArt, students develop their own tonal language. This also takes place in close cooperation with other areas of the university or within the framework of university collaborations.

The future conductors in Orchestral Conducting are trained in a hand-picked class led by Prof. Marcus Bosch and Prof. Georg Fritzsch. The degree courses places great emphasis on a high practical component, often with professional orchestras at home and abroad. Through workshops and practical projects under real conditions, our students can network with the international music scene from the very beginning.

In the degree course of Choral Conducting, we train the next generation of professional choral conductors. Here, too, the students conduct numerous projects and also gain experience within the framework of various collaborations of the university.

The Master degree course in Contemporary Music, the work of ensemble oktopus and the offers in the area of ensemble conducting contemporary music also link and strengthen contemporary music within and outside our university.


Prof. Gerd Baumann, Prof. Marcus Bosch, Prof. Michael Gläser, Prof. Konstantia Gourzi, Prof. Jan Müller-Wieland

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Prof. Gerd Baumann

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Prof. Gerd Baumann