Change of teacher

It can always happen that students and teachers do not get along in one-to-one lessons, that the chemistry is simply not right. In this case, a change to another teacher can be useful. The change can be applied for easily.

  • When can I apply for a teacher change?

    As a rule, a change of teacher is always possible at the beginning of a semester. If you want to change your teacher for the next semester, the application must be submitted by the end of the teaching period of the current semester. In justified exceptional cases, the application can still be submitted until the beginning of the teaching period of the next semester.

  • What do I have to consider?

    As a rule, you can only apply for a change to another teacher after the first two semesters at our university (passed probationary period).

    If possible, the change should be made in agreement with the teachers involved. Therefore, if it is possible for you, please talk to both teachers about your wish before submitting the application. If possible, both teachers should sign the application. However, the signature of your current teacher is not mandatory.

    The person responsible for scheduling the lessons must also sign your application. You can find the list of responsible persons in the following dropdown »How do I submit an application?«.

  • How do I submit an application?

    You submit an application for a teacher change in writing to Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht, the responsible person in the university administration.

    The application must also be signed by the person responsible for scheduling the lessons. Therefore, please contact this person as well. You can find the list of responsible persons here: Class scheduling (in German).

    Please send the completed application with all signatures as a scan by the end of the teaching period by e-mail to Prof. Lieberknecht:

    Download: Application for change of teacher (in German)

  • What do I do in urgent emergencies?

    In urgent cases, the university administration’s representative for teacher changes, Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht, can approve exceptions to the regulations described above. In case of emergency, please contact Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht directly:

Representative for teacher change

Andrea Lieberknecht

Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht