Instrumental Perfomance

Institute 1

The Institute for Instrumental Performance is the largest institute at our university. More than 450 students study here in the fields of piano, string instruments, woodwind and brass instruments as well as percussion, plucked string instruments and chamber music. The aim of the education is artistic excellence, i.e. the promotion of the individual artistic personality in combination with the perfection of instrumental technique. The top-class personalities from the international music scene who teach in Institute 1 stand for this. The numerous successes of the students of our college in the most important international music competitions, in filling orchestral positions in renowned orchestras worldwide as well as great soloist careers testify to the very highest level of quality.


Prof. Silke Avenhaus, Prof. Roland Glassl, Prof. Franz Halász, Prof. Johannes Hinterholzer, Prof. Francois Leleux, Prof. Adrian Oetiker, Prof. Christian Wissel

Institute Director:

Prof. Adrian Oetiker

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Prof. Adrian Oetiker