Artificial intelligence in the cultural sector

The research field of Artificial Intelligence is anchored at the Institute for Arts Management and Media. Here, the focus is on the investigation and design of artificially intelligent algorithms for the analysis and predictability of cultural user behaviour, as well as on research into the associated social effects. The research on artificial intelligence in art and culture and the establishment of a corresponding network are coordinated by the scientist Mariya Dzhimova, in close cooperation with the Munich Center for Technology in Society at the TU Munich and the Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences). Since digital education, research, practical projects and entrepreneurship are intertwined at the Institute for Arts Management and Media, the research area is closely linked to the Institute’s degree courses. In autumn 2022, a digitalisation college was also established under the title »Artificial Intelligence in Culture and Arts (AICA)«. Funded by the Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts) for four years, the AICA aims to provide students of the University of Music Theatre as well as the University of Applied Science with skills that enable them to actively shape AI-based processes in various artistic and creative fields alongside driving AI innovations in the cultural and creative industries.