Teacher Training in Music Education (Schools)

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Teacher Training courses for general education schools in Bavaria is a special concern of our university. At the Institute for Teacher Training in Music Education (Schools), the second largest at our institution, around 250 students each year acquire a broad spectrum of skills that qualify them to teach music at grammar schools, primary schools, secondary schools and intermediate schools. In this way, the Teacher Training degree course at the University of Music and Theatre Munich make an important social contribution to enabling cultural participation.

The degree course  aims to design music-related learning processes in schools in such a way that the students, in their diversity, are given multifaceted access to music and musical education, which allows them to participate in musical life in a self-determined way. To this end, we offer our students a comprehensive range of courses that enable them to make music at a professional level, whether as soloists or in ensembles, as well as to reflect on musical content academically, to communicate this and to teach it within different pedagogical frameworks.

In order to complete degree courses for Teaching at Primary, Intermediate, Secondary,and Grammar Schools a well-established knowledge of German is mandatory.


Prof. Lancelot Fuhry, Maximilian Höcherl, Prof. Dr. Dorothea Hofmann, Prof. Tilman Jäger, Prof. Lukas Kuen, Prof. Andreas Puhani, Maruan Sakas, Prof. Martin Steidler

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Prof. Tilman Jäger

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Tilman Jäger

Prof. Tilman Jäger


Advisory Service for Teaching Programmes

Anna Perner