Research profile

Scientific and artistic research is one of the core tasks of our university. As individual research at the institutes, in permanent facilities, in temporary projects and conferences as well as within the framework of our doctoral studies, it is firmly anchored in the everyday life of the university, whereby the participation of students through research-based learning is a particular concern of ours.

Through the proximity to art practice, research fields can be explored that remain closed to purely theoretical approaches. At the same time, impulses from research enrich artistic practice. Interdisciplinarity and the transfer of results to the public are fundamental components of our understanding of research.

Research at our university focuses on music and dictatorship, interpretation research, artificial intelligence in the cultural sector as well as music psychology and musician’s medicine. Visiting scholars, university partnerships and conferences promote international exchange.

Infrastructure and resources as well as source material such as collections, partial estates and archival materials are provided by the library, the university archive and the Ben Haim Research Centre.
If you have any questions about research, please contact the Dean of Research.

Dean of Research

Friedrich Geiger

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger