Mission statement

In 2015, our university adopted a mission statement in an extensive and participatory process.

We, the members of the University of Music and Theatre Munich, have agreed on the following mission statement as a common basis for our work and are committed to shaping and further developing the university in line with these goals. The University of Music and Theatre Munich is one of the most important and diverse educational institutions for music, dance and theatre in Europe. Building on a history rich in tradition, it sees itself as innovative and future-oriented.

  • Individual support and freedom for personal profile development form the basis for top professional education at our university. The study profiles ensure a balance of artistic, scientific and pedagogical content and promote their practice-oriented networking. The university’s diverse educational programmes are based on internationally recognised standards of high artistic, scientific and pedagogical quality.
  • With its diverse events, the university makes a significant contribution to the musical and theatre life of the cultural city of Munich. It cooperates with cultural and research institutions at regional, national and international level.
  • The university stands for cultural openness, professional dialogue and interdisciplinary cooperation. It takes up current artistic and scientific trends, provides a space to experimental forms of cultural expression and enables the development of creative potential.
  • The degree courses offered by the University of Music and Theatre prepare students specifically and with realistic objectives for entering the workforce – taking into account diverse job profiles and changes in the labour market. To ensure this, the study profiles are continuously developed and optimised.
  • Educational aspects have a high priority in all degree courses at the University of Music and Theatre; contemporary forms of mediation and future-oriented forms of media presentation are promoted.
  • The University of Music and Theatre sees a special responsibility for children and young people: On the one hand, in conveying artistic and cultural values through education projects, and on the other hand, in recognising and supporting particularly talented and gifted young people within the framework of the Young Academy and Ballet Academy.
  • The culture of interaction at University of Music and Theatre aims at diversity, mutual appreciation and open personal encounters; transparency and clarity characterise communication.
  • The members of the university are aware of their shared responsibility for a positive, motivating study and work environment, and the topics of health, family and social issues are taken seriously in all parts of the university.
  • The goal of all university members is to actively shape the university and contribute to innovation and success.

The mission statement of the University of Music and Theatre Munich as a PDF download (in German)