Good scientific practice

Research work at our university is subject to clear guidelines for good scientific practice. Based on the recommendations of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), the Senate of our university has adopted »Guidelines to ensure good scientific practice and to avoid scientific misconduct«, which are binding for all researchers.

The primary aim of the »Guidelines« is to raise awareness of the basic rules of scientific practice, to keep them alive and to communicate them to researchers and young academics as self-evident conditions of scientific work at an early stage and always anew. The »Guidelines« are also intended to make it clear that the University of Music and Theatre Munich does not accept scientific misconduct because it undermines the public’s trust in science and destroys that of the researchers among themselves.

Guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice (in German)

Ombudsman for questions of good scientific practice

Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrich Kaiser