The Salsaband of the University of Music and Theatre Munich was founded in 2004 by Prof. Tilman Jäger as a supplement to existing ensembles for students in the teaching profession. Within two years, the ensemble grew into a body of sound that integrated trumpets, trombones, saxophones, flute and violin in addition to the rhythm section with percussion, piano and bass. Since 2013, the ensemble has been led by Maruan Sakas.

Today, the Salsaband of our university also includes students from the degree courses with a performance profile and the Jazz Institute. The concerts, which usually take place twice a year, now encourage salsa fans from all over Munich and the region to listen and dance along.

The band’s repertoire includes traditional titles of the Son, Latin jazz arrangements in large ensembles of the FANIA era as well as arrangements and transcriptions of current interpreters. But compositions from the band’s own ranks are always a focal point as well.

Maruan Sakas

Prof. Maruan Sakas