Resignationis at the end of a degree course and refers to the termination of student status. As a rule, our students are automatically deregistrated at the end of the semester in which they have passed their final examinations.

Other reasons for resignation can be:

  • You wish to terminate your studies yourself and apply for resignation.
  • An obstacle subsequently arises to your enrolment which prevents you from remaining enrolled.
  • You definitively fail an examination required by the examination regulations or can definitively no longer fulfil the requirements for registering for an examination. Exception: You change to another degree course or other studies.
  • You fail to pass a probationary period set by statute.
  • You cannot provide proof of payment of the contributions or contributions due for re-registration.
  • You do not submit the insurance certificate required by the Student Health Insurance Notification Ordinance (Studentenkrankenversicherungs-Meldeverordnung ) through your own fault.
  • It is established on the basis of facts that the enrolment or re-registration has been abused.

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