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The Young Academy for the Highly Gifted at the University of Music and Theatre Munich offers the approximately 50 junior students in the field of music comprehensive support for their musical talents. Individual lessons with teachers from our university are just as much a part of the training as an additional offer of theory/hearing courses, youth lectures or playing together in various ensembles. Once a year, our junior students also present themselves in a large summer concert.

Admission to the Young Academy is only possible in the winter semester. The admission requirement is passing an entrance examination.

The junior study programme at a glance

  • What can I study in the junior study programme?

    At the moment, the following instruments or vocal training are offered in the junior study programme: Accordion, Ballet, Recorder, Conducting, Singing, Guitar, Dulcimer, Historical Instruments, Jazz, Composition, Orchestral Conducting, Orchestral Instruments, Styrian Harmonica, Keyboard Instruments, Zither.

    If you are interested, please also use our study programme search for further information:

  • What lessons do I receive?

    In the junior study programme you will receive 1 hour per week of main subject lessons (from the age of 16 1.5 hours per week). The lessons take place weekly with the respective teachers during the teaching hours of the academic year (dates by arrangement).

    In addition, various activities are usually offered every fortnight on saturdays during school hours: In addition to music theory and aural training courses, »junior lectures« address topics such as music history, interpretation, analysis, music comprehension as well as practice patterns, performance aids, dealing with stage fright, Qigong, Alexander Technique, etc. In addition, composition workshops and opera visits are offered. Young Academy chamber orchestra, chamber music and concert opportunities as well as the elective piano extend the practical area.

  • When do the classes take place in 2023/2024?

    The main subject lessons are arranged individually. In addition, seminars always take place between 9:30  AM and 12:45 PM on the following Saturdays:

    • Sat, 21.10.
    • Sat, 11.11.
    • Sat, 25.11.
    • Sat, 09.12.
    • Sat, 13.01.
    • Sat, 03.02.
    • Sat, 13.04.
    • Sat, 27.04.
    • Sat, 11.05. (6:00 PM Summer Concert )
    • Sat, 08.06.
    • Sat, 29.06.
    • Sat, 13.07.
  • When can I start a junior study programme?

    The junior study programme always begins in the winter semester. A prerequisite for starting is that you have passed the entrance examination. You must enrol before beginning your studies.

    Further information on enrolment at

  • How can I apply for a junior study programme?

    In order to take up a junior study programme at our university, you must pass an entrance examination. The prerequisite is basically above-average ability in your instrument or in the subject of singing.

    You must register online for the entrance examination by the deadline. If you are invited to audition, you will have to play a specific repertoire in front of a jury. Click here to go to the application platform.

    Please find out about the exact requirements on the study programme page.

  • How much does the junior study programme cost?

    Our junior students pay semester contribution per semester, which are based on the number of lessons. This is 300 € per semester. An exemption from this is not possible.

  • Is there an age limit?

    There is no age limit for junior students. However, in the subject of singing, the study is only recommended from the age of 15.

  • How can I find out if the junior study programme is something for me?

    If you are unsure whether the junior study programme at our university is something for you and you are under 19 years old, you can come to our preliminary courses for those interested in the junior study programme.

    The preliminary courses U19 take place in these subjects:

    • Piano (Prof. Martina Bauer)
    • Violin (Prof. Sonja Korkeala)
    • all instruments, composition, conducting and vocal training with more than three registrations.

    Please bring a well-prepared work of your choice to this preliminary course for audition.

    The next preliminary course will take place on Saturday, 3 February 2024.
    You can find the registration form (Pdf, in German) here.

    If you are interested, please contact the Young Academy via email:

  • What is re-registration?

    Junior students who are already studying with us must re-register for each new semester within the regular deadline. The semester contributions are then also transferred.

    When re-registering for the winter semester, a current school certificate must be submitted.

    Further information on re-registration can be found here

  • What else do I need to know?

    Junior students do not become members of our university when they enrol, i.e. they do not receive official student status and do not have voting rights in our university elections, for example. They do not receive a student identity card and cannot use a semester ticket.

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