Guest Student Programme

It is possible to enrol at our university as a guest student. As a rule, it is only possible for guest students to attend lectures, e.g. in the field of musicology.

In particularly justified exceptional cases, interested students can also enrol for other types of courses (e.g. seminars). Enrolment for courses that take place as one-to-one lessons and courses in the field of chamber music is also only possible in individual cases.

  • How can I apply for a Guest Student Programme?

    Please complete the application form (download PDF in German here) and send it to the office indicated on the form. Please note the application deadlines.

    Please enclose a copy of your passport or identity card, a letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae (including a description of your musical or dance or acting background) with your application for the Guest Student Programme.

  • By when do I have to apply?

    The application for enrolment for the Guest Student Programme must be submitted by:

    Enrolment for a winter semester: by 1 September (cut-off deadline)

    Enrolment for a summer semester: by 1 March (cut-off deadline)

  • How do I enrol for a Guest Student Programme?

    After the application for the Guest Student Programme has been approved, enrolment as a guest student must take place in person at the university’s Registrar’s Office upon presentation of the student’s identity card or passport as well as proof of payment of the fees (bank statement or cash deposit slip with bank stamp).

  • Can I take exams as part of a Guest Student Programme?

    It is only possible to take examinations as part of a Guest Student Programme for students from other universities who are enrolled as guest students on the basis of a legal regulation or an agreement between the universities to study parts of their degree course offered at the University of Music and Theatre Munich.

    In addition, the taking of examinations is possible for guest students who have fled from Ukraine due to the war in accordance with Art. 129 BayHIG (Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz: Bavarian university innovations’ regulations).

  • What does it cost to study as a guest student?

    Guest students must pay a fee. The fee per semester depends on the number of semester hours per week (SWS) that the guest student wishes to attend:

    Less than 5 SWS: € 100.00 for one semester
    5 to 8 SWS: € 200.00 for one semester
    More than 8 SWS: € 300.00 for one semester

    This fee must be transferred to this account:

    Bank details:
    Recipient: Staatsoberkasse Bayern
    IBAN: DE63 7005 0000 3501 1903 15
    Bank: Bayerische Landesbank Munich
    Bank code: 700 500 00
    Intended purpose for payment: Surname, first name, guest student

  • What else do I need to know?

    Guest students do not become members of our university when they enrol. They do not receive a student identity card or a semester ticket for public transport.