Tasks and team

Women's Representative and Representative for Gender Equality

As Representatives for Equality for Women in the Arts and Sciences (students and teachers; formerly Women’s Representatives) and Representatives for Gender Equality (administration), we represent the interests and concerns of women at our university with the goal of equality for women in the arts and sciences. We pursue this goal by advising and supporting the University Administration, bodies and committees at our university. We are involved in all matters concerning equal opportunities, especially in the preparation of equality concepts, statutes, guidelines and plans for the advancement of women.

  • Our tasks

    • Working towards the elimination of existing disadvantages based on gender within the university, e.g. in job advertisements, appointments, promotions, examination matters, scholarships and general working and study conditions
    • Involvement in recruitment and appointment procedures 
      • Checking job advertisements using gender decoders
      • Active recruiting of women in job advertisements
      • Ensure that female candidates are taken into consideration when filling positions, taking into account the priority of suitability, qualification and professional performanceInvolvement in recruitment and appointment procedures
    • Promoting women’s, gender and diversity research in our arts and science degree courses at all levels through targeted projects and measures (e.g. Gender & Diversity Prize).
    • Participation in personnel development concepts
    • Support, conversation and counselling 
      • on gender and equality issues
      • career planning and funding opportunities
      • on the compatibility of studies and family
      • in cases of conflict
  • Equality concept

    The gender equality work of our university is summarised in a gender equality concept (PDF download, in German). The concept is updated regularly.

  • Counselling and support in cases of discrimination and sexual harassment

    As contact persons for anti-discrimination and sexual harassment we offer support, conversation and counselling in all questions of

    • Abuse of power
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual harassment and sexualised violence
  • Work in the university committees

    The Women’s Representative or one of her two deputies is a voting member of the Senate and the appointment committees. She is also an advisory member of the University Council. The Women’s Representative and her two deputies are voting members of the Commission for Equal Opportunities.

    In the university bodies, the Women’s Representative ensures that aspects of equality are adequately taken into account in all decision-making processes. She accompanies all appointment procedures and works to increase the number of women in leadership positions in teaching and research institutions, especially professorships.

    The tasks of the Women’s Representative or the Equal Opportunities Representative are regulated by the Bayerische Hochschulinnovationsgesetz (Bavarian University Innovation Act) and the Bayerische Gleichstellungsgesetz (BayGIG, Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act) (since 1 January 2023 by the Bayerische Hochschulinnovationsgesetz (BayHIG, Bavarian University Innovation Act).

  • Your contact persons

    Representative for Equality for Women in the Arts and Sciences (students and teachers):

    Prof. Dorte Lena Eilers (sonja.stibi@hmtm.de)
    Representative for Equality for Women in the Arts and Sciences; Contact person for anti-discrimination and sexual harassment

    Prof. Sibylle Höhnk (sibylle.hoehnk@hmtm.de)
    Deputy Representative; Contact person for anti-discrimination and sexual harassment

    Prof. Andreas Puhani (andreas.puhani@hmtm.de)
    Deputy Representative; Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

    Representative for Gender Equality (administration):

    Alexandra Hermentin (gleichstellung@hmtm.de)
    Barbara Klöver (gleichstellung@hmtm.de)