Staff Council

The Staff Council represents the interests of all employees of the University of Music and Theatre Munich. It represents all civil servants and employees from the area of administration and the mid-level staff (teaching staff) – a total of around 175 employees.

The Staff Council is composed of a total of seven members – six distributed among the group of employees and one among the group of civil servants. Elections for the Staff Council take place every five years.

Members of the Staff Council

  • Philip Braunschweig, Chair (Labour Law, Collective Bargaining Law, Working Group Human Resources Development)
  • Jutta Drinda, 1st Vice Chairperson
  • Constanze Richter, 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • Marion Baierl-Keefer
  • Yvonne Klein
  • Julian Motycka
  • Jonas Schröder
  • Substitute members: Stephanie Hartkopf and Reinhard Sellner


A large part of the work consists of being the contact person for the problems that colleagues have with the department or their supervisor or even among themselves in their daily work and which they cannot deal with alone.

You are welcome to contact us in these matters. Please speak to the colleagues you trust, make an appointment or write an email.

You have the right to ask the Staff Council for advice – even during working hours!

The best way to reach us by telephone is via our service numbers, which you will find on the pages of the individual persons.

Tasks of the Staff Council

At its regular meetings (every 14 days), the Staff Council deals with applications and personnel matters submitted to it by the university on the basis of its right to co-determination (right of the Staff Council to reject) or its right to participation (right of the Staff Council to comment, right of initiative). Furthermore, suggestions and topics are discussed which are brought to the Staff Council partly by the employees and partly by the University Administration. The Staff Council tries to discuss issues from all angles and to define approaches to solutions and recommendations for action. In monthly meetings with the University Administration, the proposals of the Staff Council are discussed together, resolutions are passed and service agreements are initiated.

The following is an incomplete selection of the cases of participation of the Staff Council according to the BayPVG (Bavarian Staff Council Act):

  • Recruitment
  • Promotions
  • Upgrading or downgrading
  • Transfers
  • Determination of working time
  • Measures designed to control the behaviour and performance of employees
  • General principles of wage formation
  • Appointment and dismissal of medical officers and company doctors

The staff council participates in the following, among other things

  • Social and personal affairs
  • Introduction of fundamentally new working methods
  • Design of the workplaces
  • Measures to promote family friendliness
  • General issues of further training for employees
  • Establishment of principles for the calculation of staffing requirements
  • Appointment and dismissal of representatives for the severely disabled and of equal opportunities representatives

The basis for the work of the staff council is the Bavarian Staff Council Act (BayPVG), which sets out the tasks, rights and duties of the Staff Council. According to the law, the Staff Council has the task of working together with the workplace in a spirit of trust within the framework of the law and collective agreements for the benefit of the employees and for the fulfilment of official duties. (Art. 2 BayPVG)