University Administration

  • Prof. Lydia Grün (President)


    Management of the university, external representation of the university, supervisor of the artistic and academic staff as well as the chancellor, house and regulatory law, quality assurance, accreditation, fundraising, building project, remembrance

    Office hours: by appointment via the Secretary’s office

    Veronika Haller
    Secretary’s office
    Tel. +49 89 289-27403, Fax +49 89 289-27407

    Dominik Pensel
    Personal Advisor to the President
    Tel. +49 89 289-27876

  • Prof. Klaus Mohr (Vice President, Deputy President)

    Vice President for studies and teaching

    Recognition of study and examination credits (Teacher Training courses), Examination Committee for Teacher Training Courses (Chair), Examination Committee for Bachelor and Master degree course/ Post-Master Certificate/ Excellence in Performance (Chair), ensuring the range of courses, teaching assignments, further development of the degree courses, cooperation with the Study Committee, IT Steering Committee, General Student Advisory Service


    Office hours Arcisstraße: by appointment
    Appointments: Veronika Haller, Tel. +49 89 289-27403, Email:

    Office hours Luisenstraße: by appointment
    Appointments: Anna Perner, Tel. +49 89 289-27496, Email:

    Please contact the Examinations Office first for all questions regarding examination matters: Examinations Office BA/MA, Examinations Office Teacher Training courses

  • Prof. Markus Bellheim (Vice President)

    Vice President for artistic und international matters

    Artistic and international matters, events, cooperations, scholarships


    Office hours: by appointment
    Appointments: Anke Müllner, Tel. +49 89 289-27411, Email:

  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Stibi (Vice President)

    Vice President for staff and teaching development, diversity

    Staff and teaching development, diversity, research


    Office hours: Tue, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM, by appointment only
    Appointments: Elvira Schäfer, Tel. +49 89 289-27434, Email: 

  • Dr. Stefan Schmaus (Chancellor)


    Head of the university’s administration, budget officer for fiscal accounts, supervisor of the non-academic and non-artistic staff, deputy of the President in matters of housekeeping and regulatory law


    Office hours: by appointment
    Secretary’s office: Anke Müllner, Tel. +49 89 289-27411, Email: