Working group »Respekt«

The working group »Respekt!« (respect) was established in 2018 as an initiative of students and colleagues from teaching and administration, supported by the University Administration, with the aim of raising awareness of the issues of discrimination, abuse of power and sexualised violence at University of Music and Theatre, establishing education, prevention and discussion opportunities and promoting open dialogue within our university.

An overview of the activities of the working group »Respekt!«

  • First RESPEKT Day of Action of the Munich Art Universities: Initiative and implementation
  • Counselling centres – internal and external – and internal complaints channel: initiative and establishment
  • Network of confidants: 2021 Initiative to train and establish a university-wide group of 20 confidants – students and colleagues from teaching and administration.
  • Since 2021, semester-long lecture and discussion rounds of the »Respectful« event series for all university members
  • Co-creation of awareness-raising offers for colleagues in teaching and administration – permanent cooperation with the working group Human Resources Development

The working group »Respekt!« is chaired by Prof. Christine Schornsheim. If necessary, the members of the working group »Respekt!«  are also contact persons for all current and former members of the university.